Men save lives of boaters on White River

Men save lives of boaters on White River
Two men helped to rescue stranded boaters on the White River Wednesday. (Source: KAIT-TV)

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Two men have been credited for helping to save stranded boaters on the White River Wednesday, with the men saying they did not regret helping.

Jordan Bristow and Patrick Lovins were at Kennedy Park in Batesville with friends when they saw some boaters on the White River.

"The only thing running through my mind was, 'Hey, we gotta go and we gotta go now, we ain't got no time to waste," Bristow said Thursday.

The pair saw that the boat's motor had quit and that the men on the boat started yelling about not having any life jackets or paddles. Also, the men on the boat did not know how to swim.

"We got to noticing they were waving and I looked at Jordan and I was like they're waving at us, so we kinda started waving back at them," Lovins, who was treated at a hospital due to the cold conditions, said.

Both Lovins and Bristow jumped into the water to help the stranded boaters. The water was cold and the current was strong. The pair swam to the boat but had trouble due to the weather.

However, they were able to get to the shore and received thank you's from the men who were stranded.

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