Sidewalk proposal heads to full city council

Sidewalk proposal heads to full city council
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro City Council committee discussed a proposal to amend the city's current sidewalk ordinance.

The city's Public Works Committee discussed the ordinance at its meeting March 6 at Jonesboro Municipal Center.

The proposal would adopt a policy and procedure "for the requirements of sidewalks on all new residential and new multi-family developments having five or more units and all commercial and industrial developments, within the city limits of Jonesboro, Arkansas."

Under the proposal, a sidewalk must be built by the developer on new streets in commercial, industrial and residential developments, officials said. The city planner or city engineer has the authority to grant exceptions to the sidewalk location "in order to accomplish reasonable continuity in sidewalks", while the city is responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks that are in a public right-of-way or in an easement."

However, a property owner is responsible for sidewalks located outside of a public right-of-way or not in a dedicated easement, according to the proposal.

The Public Works Committee voted to send the proposal to the full city council.

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