County crews address roads after rainfall

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Lawrence County road crews have been working overtime after heavy rain hit the area this week dealing with problem areas.

County Judge John Thomison said rain has washed out several roads and dry weather has also helped reveal some spots that need more work.

He said some roads that have not been addressed due to wet weather will be worked on soon.

Thomison said he is thankful for the dry weather.

"You don't have the freezing and thawing, which affects your sub-grades," he said.

"If we can just keep our water down and off our roads, with the drier weather they can do a better job about working on their roadways," Thomison said.

Warmer temperatures and dry weather will allow crews to address potholes, build up road shoulders and make other necessary improvements.

Thomison also said he is thankful for the patience of those in the county during the cold and rainy weather.

He said crews will continue working hard to make necessary improvements.

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