Fishing tournament honors community member

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - Citizens of one Region 8 community are honoring one of their own by trying to give back.

Lake City resident Sherry Ladd lost her life in a car accident.

Fellow Lake City resident and friend Brenda Hutcheson said Ladd was someone who worked hard to make the community she lived in better for herself and everyone around her.

"Sherry, who was just such an awesome person," Hutcheson said. "She was active in community affairs and church things and mission work and doing things with the Red Cross and she asked the mayor why we never did anything to publicize our river and activities that might promote the St. Francis River. A new fish and bait shop moved into Lake City and we thought that's just the prime opportunity. So, we're doing it."

Hutcheson said because Ladd wanted to promote the St. Francis River, they decided to do something about it.

The first Sherry Ladd Fishing Tournament will take place at the end of March.

Hutcheson said she felt this was the perfect way to pay tribute to all she had done for the residents of Lake City.

"Sherry was such a marvelous person," Hutcheson said. "She was active not only in Lake City church activities, but also in the Mount Vine Association doing mission work. She worked on the state level. And so, missions were her thing. And you just knew Sherry by her works. And so, now we feel that legacy is continuing forward because here we are. The is in her honor."

Hutcheson said everyone knew who Ladd was.

"She made a huge impact in the community," Hutcheson said. "You knew if you wanted something done you call Sherry. And then you knew if it had anything to do with telling others about God or serving God, you called Sherry."

Hutcheson said she believed Ladd would be thrilled with the upcoming tournament.

"I think she would have the biggest smile on her face," Hutcheson said. "I think she would just be so excited. And she would think well this is our city and our river and it's going to get the recognition that it deserves. And the city is going to profit from it through the park organization and the things we do with the children. And so, I think she would be smiling from heaven if that were possible."

Hutcheson said she hoped people would use this event as an opportunity to honor Sherry and all the work she did for their community.

The first Sherry Ladd tournament will take place on March 24.

All proceeds from the event will go to the ballpark.

If you want to be a part of this event, call Mayor John Milligan at city hall at 870-237-4431.

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