Fire destroys 911 dispatcher's home

Fire destroys 911 dispatcher's home
(Source: KARK)

CLEVELAND COUNTY, AR (KAIT/KARK) - A 911 dispatcher in southern Arkansas lost her home to a fire over the weekend.

According to KARK, the home went up in flames Sunday while the family was at the grocery store.

Trina Watts grew up in the house that is now a pile of ash and debris. Before she inherited the home, her mother resided there.

"There are so many memories of my mom and everything is gone of her," Watts said. While the family was sifting through what remained of their home, Trina found a religious poem that was written on ceramic, which once belonged to her mother.

Watts added, "that's the only thing salvageable and I'm going to hold on to this."

Trina's husband, Kenny Watts says losing the home in such a devastating way will not break him. "My boys and my wife, they keep me going," Kenny Watts said.

Two dogs that belonged to the family were in the home at the time of the blaze. They were unable to save the two pets.

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