Little Caesar's manager accused of stealing money-money

Little Caesar's manager accused of stealing money-money
Jessica A. Jones (Source: Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Instead of pizza-pizza, a Jonesboro woman is accused of stealing money-money from Little Caesar's.

Craighead County District Judge David Boling found probable cause Wednesday to charge 53-year-old Jessica A. Jones with one count of theft of $5,000 or less but greater than $1,000.

According to documents presented in court, last September the owners of Little Caesar's Pizza, 2227 S. Caraway, reported that from January to August 2017 Jones, who was one of their managers, had stolen several thousand dollars from the business.

The owners explained the way they keep track of their sales is to count their inventory of pizza boxes then compare that to the amount of produce they purchase to determine how many pizzas they sold.

"The owners started noticing that the amount of produce they were having to order did not match the amount of boxes that they were going through," the probable cause affidavit stated.

The owners said they received a call from the Paragould store asking them to return the boxes they had borrowed.

According to the affidavit, the owners then discovered that Jones had borrowed 25 sleeves of boxes, which contain 50 boxes per sleeve, from the Paragould store and had not returned them.

"The owners checked the inventory and noticed that Jones had not been writing the correct numbers on the inventory forms for how many boxes were being used," the detective stated.

While investigating the boxes, the owners reportedly learned that the cash register numbers were not matching.

"Video was provided from the store of Jones taking money from the cash register and putting the money in her pocket," the affidavit said. "This was done a day at a time over several months."

The owners also reportedly told the detective the only time they noticed a significant discrepancy in inventory was when Jones was the manager.

During an interview with investigators, the affidavit said Jones admitted to covering up the number of boxes but denied that it was to take money from the store.

Because she has no prior arrests and was "cooperative," according to the detective, Judge Boling released her on an OR (own recognizance) bond with an April 27 circuit court date.

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