Survivor from the Holocaust shares his story

Survivor from the Holocaust shares his story

 In this day and time, you don’t hear from many Holocaust survivors. 

Their voices are becoming fewer by the day but they are just as important as theyve ever been.

KARK interviewed a man who survived the Holocaust.
He was at the University of Central Arkansas Wednesday night sharing his perspective with people.

Peter Gorog was born in Hungary in 1941. He was three years old when Nazi forces invaded his country.

He and his mother sought for refuge from a Christian friend.
Now, Gorog works with the National Holocaust Memorial Museum.
"To bring to people's attention that what you and everybody can do, we have to do when we see discrimination against people based on their skin color or religion or ethnicity,” said Gorog.
Gorog’s mission in life is to help ensure genocide like this to never happen again.

Gorogs been living in the U.S. since 1980.

On top of his work at the Holocaust Museum, hes also worked on several NASA projects.

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