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Arkansas car insurance rates vary by zip code

(Source: Raycom Media) (Source: Raycom Media)

Arkansas car insurance rates may be higher, based on where you live.

Car insurance rates are on the rise in Little Rock, at least according to one insurance comparison website.

According to KATV, “The Zebra” reports that insurance rates around the Little Rock metro area have increased 31 percent since 2011.

This is much more than the nationwide increase of 20 percent

"" says almost 17 percent of Arkansas drivers don't have insurance.

Highest Rates

  • 72201(Downtown Little Rock)      $1,683
  • 72114 (N. Little Rock)                   $1,637 
  • 72227  (N. Little Rock)                  $1,612 

Lowest Rates

  • 72125  (PERRY)         $1,378
  • 72034 (CONWAY)      $1,395
  • 72061 (GUY)              $1,414

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