State funds to help pave several Sharp Co. roads

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SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Several areas of road construction will begin this summer in Sharp County, which will mostly be paid for by state aid funds.

Sections of three different county roads will be repaved.

The work totals about $360,000 but the county will only be responsible for about 18% of that money.

Representatives from the Arkansas Department of Transportation approved the roads for the work about two weeks ago.

"This particular road we're on right here is Liberty Hill and we're going to do a mile of it, from a project that we finished probably 5 or 6 years ago, back to McCormick, which is the city limits," Road Superintendent Dan Melbourne said. "Then we're going to go up 175 to Baker's Cemetery Road and we're going to do a mile of it from 175 down past the cemetery. Then last year we did a mile of Martin's Creek Road and we're going to go ahead and tie onto that and do another mile of Martin's Creek."

The county gets about $390,000 each year from the state to work on roads that connect two major highways.

"It's really a good deal for us because it's not a lot of money out of our budget to do," Melbourne said. "The match on this will be pretty low so it'll work out real well for us."

Melbourne said Sharp County has quite a few of those state aid roads, so they take advantage of all the money available to work on those.

The main problems on these three roads specifically are cracking and needing to be resealed.

The county also saved last year's funds from ARDOT to do a larger project this year, which state officials are currently surveying.

The road work should go to bid in May, and Melbourne estimates the winning contractor will begin work in July or August.

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