Missing Teen Actress Slept In A Park, Good Samaritan's Home

August 26, 2005-- Posted at 2:55 PM CDT

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. (AP)_ Police are now explaining where a young actress was while she was missing for two weeks.

Police in Apple Valley, California say Scout Taylor-Compton slept in a park sometimes and was then taken in by a family.

That helped police find her. A high school coach said one of his students was bragging that a movie star was sleeping in his home.

When officers went to the house, Taylor-Compton tried to hide, but she was coaxed out.

They didn't say why Taylor-Compton had run away.

Taylor-Compton co-starred in the movie "Sleepover" and also has a role in Howie Mandel's reality series "Hidden Howie" on Bravo.

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