Pagan Pride Day Turns out to be Peaceful

August 27, 2005--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

Batesville, AR-- The first ever Pagan Pride Day was held at Kennedy Park today in Batesville. What was thought to cause a huge uproar in the community, turned out to be peaceful.

Security guards were hired, but they said the festival had been quite most of the day and there was a lot of cooperation from the community.

During the past week many letters to the editor about the Pagan Pride Day and how area churches felt about the matter, were published in the Batesville Daily Guard, but area churches were there to witness and show their side of the story, not to protest.

"We aren't here to push them around, or get physical, we came to love them and share Jesus Christ with them."

Carl Sanders, a Baptist Church Member, said they just want to show there are two sides of the issue.

Linda Bearden, High Priestess of the Invoking Wisdom, said they were there to educate the community about pagans and their beliefs, and she hopes to do it again next year.