Police: man stole car from church parking lot

Police: man stole car from church parking lot
(Source: Raycom Media)

MANILA, AR (KAIT) - Authorities in Manila are searching for a man who stole a woman's SUV while she was in a church parking lot.

According to an incident report from the Manila Police Department, a woman called police late Saturday night saying her SUV had been stolen from a church parking on Costner Road in Manila.

Officer Chris Hill responded. In the report, he said he "observed a set of tail lights traveling westbound ahead of me." He attempted to pull the vehicle over but it sped off.

"I pursued the vehicle for several miles with the pursuit ending in Caraway, Arkansas at the intersection of Highway 139 and Highway 158," Officer Hill said in the report.

The driver stopped the vehicle and ran east. Witnesses told the officer that the man ran east towards a church. Officer Hill and Craighead County sheriff's deputies were unable to find the man or get a description of the man.

The vehicle's owner said the only thing missing from the SUV was her cell phone. Through GPS tracking, the phone was found near County Road 17 in Mississippi County.

A cell phone that did not belong to the owner was found in the SUV. Officer Hill took the cell phone for evidence.

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