Disabled Corning man gives back to community

A Corning man works every week to collect recyclable items such as cans and plastic bottles, despite the disability he's battled for most of his life.

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - "I get out, I don't let this wheelchair bound me," said Corning resident Jack Dunn.

He was diagnosed with spinal meningitis at the age of one and doctors even told his parents he would be in a vegetative state if he lived.

However, Dunn said he is not only choosing to live every day, he is giving every day.

For the past ten years, Dunn travels in his wheelchair, collecting recyclable items across town.

"I'm out here every day," he said. "I'm picking up plastic bottles, I'm picking up aluminum cans."

Dunn said he simply can't sit still and is always looking for ways to help others.

"I've seen a lot of people just stop and give up," Dunn said.  "After they get a certain age or whatever, but that's just not me."

However, his life has never been easy.

"Years ago, I was the kind that felt sorry for myself," he said. "I've seen people that were in a lot worse shape than what I was in. I ain't got nothing to gripe and complain about."

He lost the ability to walk when he was a sophomore in high school and dropped out before graduating.

However, he grew to realize he couldn't let his disability keep him from living.

He said his goal is to simply serve his community the best way he can, while also inspiring others with their own disabilities.

"I just want to be a blessing, is all I want to be," Dunn said.  "You can get out and enjoy life and don't let it hold you down, and don't be ashamed of it."

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