Guest A Better Region 8: Seriousness of school threats

(KAIT) - Scott Ellington, Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney.

In the wake of recent mass-shooting tragedies, there are serious debates in our communities over guns and those suffering from mental or emotional disorders.

Lost in the debate is another serious problem; the problem of pranking.

Since Valentine's Day, schools districts in Clay, Greene, Craighead, Poinsett, Mississippi, and Crittenden Counties have received 17 credible threats of gun violence from students.

Schools districts cannot inform parents of each and every threat without creating the mass-hysteria these people often crave.

However, those threats are taken seriously by law enforcement and my office, even if the intentions are not.

Parents, we're asking you to please talk to your kids about these issues. Let them know that violence at school, or threat of violence, are serious matters and, if caught, could land them in juvenile detention, expelled from school, or worse.

Threats are no jokes, nor are they a good opportunity for attention and fame. This can become a permanent issue on their record.

If your child knows someone who threatens violence at school, please contact your law enforcement.

If you suspect your child is contemplating a rash act, please, don't be afraid to reach out for help.

It's your child, and your move to make this - a better Region 8.

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