Hurricane Evacuees are Turning to Jonesboro for Shelter

August 28, 2005 - Posted at 9:25 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR --  Hurricane Katrina is here, and although Jonesboro is far away from home for many, it's one of the closest cities with hotel vacancy.

Comfort Inn and Suites staff said most of the people came in last night and booked at least four days. The lobby stays pretty full as many gather together to watch the weather channel, and for some they watch the hurricane destroy their towns.

"I can see it going straight for New Orleans, and I just pray everyone is ok."

Adilya Kelly, an evacuee from Louisiana, said they have about 70 people here, and it's not everyone.

Many of the hotel guests hope the hurricane will be over soon and that they won't be going home to devistation.

The probabilty of that is very unlikely.

"The last Hurricane that came through here, Ivan, that was nothing compared to this. This one is going to be big."

As for now, we are all just watching and waiting.

Bono Church of Christ opened their doors for shelter from the hurricane and said everyone is welcome. For more information, you can contact Rick Griffin at 932-2724 or the Church at 932-9019.