Be Your Own Interior Decorator For Less Than $100

Posted at 11:45 PM  Sunday August 29, 2005

Jonesboro_Personally, I think it's a million dollar idea. This simple paint can holds in it an entire design plan for your home. It's name is real catchy too. "Design Plan In A Can".

"Did You Know?" it was created by a woman right here in Jonesboro.

"I'm not smart enough to come up with the idea on my own." says Jonesboro's Edith Snell.  She's selling herself short.

"Design Plan In A Can" may be an idea of inspiration but for those looking for a place to start that home make-over, inspiration may lie within.  For $99 you get a place to start and finish your home decorating. Once you pick from one of seven different themes like island, neutral or spices, you're off.

Edith and her staff fill each can with samples of paint, carpet, flooring, countertops, everything you need to do, or re-do your entire home. Right now, she has 74 different cans, each with different design plan. Edit says "It's Cliff Notes for redecorating."

Edith has partnered up with Nelson Design Group of Jonesboro to get the project off the ground. Right now, the best way to learn more about "Design Plan In A Can" is to check out Edith's Web site. You'll find it at