Man volunteers time to bring life back to Caraway ball park

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT) - A Black Oak man took it upon himself to start up a park commission in Caraway.

"I don't know a whole lot about this ballpark, but I realized something needed to be done," Jeremy Garland said.

Garland wants to bring life back to the Caraway ball fields after learning the town wouldn't have a baseball league this spring because not enough kids signed up to play.

"Hearing the history of this place, everyone you talk to around here, you hear about the awesome events and the ballpark staying packed," Garland said. "I'm up here a lot and I just don't see that anymore."

Garland went to work immediately. He visited with the Caraway City Council and got the all-clear to create a park commission.

The same night after the meeting, Garland and his wife started cleaning-up the fields and put together a five-person commission made up of volunteers.

"Something I would love to see in this town is growth," Garland said.

"We want to bring that kid-friendly atmosphere back to the park," Lee Austin, a commission member said.

Volunteers so far have cleaned up the fields, raked leaves, sprayed concrete slab and simply picked up trash.

"One thing we look to change is our dugouts," Garland said. "They are so far away from home plate. Another thing is we are going to get a picnic section set up by the concession stand, there's none out here. It's going to take time to get it back up and going like it used to be."

The commission hopes to have a fall ball league at the park this year along with inviting surrounding communities to participate in events at the park.

"That's what we want is kids in this park," Garland said. "A park not being used, just goes to waste and we have an awesome park and we want to use it, and we want it to spread in Northeast Arkansas and have people say, we want to go to Caraway."

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