Arkansas sheriff pushes for more SROs at schools

MONROE CO., AR (KAIT/KARK) - In the wake of Tuesday's school shooting in Maryland, one sheriff in the Natural State is pushing for more school resource officers.

Sheriff Michael Neal in Monroe County, Ark., pushed to create a position for Miranda Caldwell at Clarendon Schools.

If anyone threatens the school district, Caldwell knows that she is the first line of defense.

"It's going to be a hard position," Caldwell said. "But, if it comes down to it I am going to protect the rest of my kids."

Caldwell is one of over 300 officers who patrol schools across the state of Arkansas.

"Our children are the future," Neal said. "If we can't protect our schools and our future, what are we gonna have?"

There is an effort underway to begin training and arming select faculty members at Clarendon Schools.

Neal says arming teachers would be for them to defend themselves and students in their own classrooms.

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