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Greene County-Bob Snell Reports

Offbeat Inventor

August 29, 2005--Posted @ 8:00 a.m. CDT

GREENE CO., AR-Noel Whistle is a collector of all and an inventor of some things.  Whistle collects monkey wrenches, oil lanterns, bits, spurs, and everything that has anything to do with mules.  He is also an artist, producing a coloring book and cards about mules, that he sells at trade shows, but Whistle is also an inventor.

Back in the fall Whistle needed something to help him split his firewood.  With emphezema and age, he's not able to swing an axe or sledge hammer, sot he decided to invent a wood splitter. 

It's made of three logs attached together in the form of a tripod, about 15 feet tall.  He also fashioned a block and tackle that he attaches a stump on to and hoist to the top.  He then strategically places the log, with a wedge driven in, underneath his splitter and pulls the cord.  If all goes according to plan, gravity drops the stump with enough force to split the log.

Whistle made his contraption out of things he had around the garage and says all it took was a little farmer ingenuity.


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