AG warns about sexual predators getting secret video of young people in app

AG warns about sexual predators getting secret video of young people in app
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(KAIT) - A lip-synching app on a smartphone can be used by sexual predators to get secret video of young people, all by using certain keywords and hashtags, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said Wednesday.

According to an alert sent out by Rutledge's office, a recent news report cited the app,, as an example. With it, a person can use keywords and hashtags "to create secret video groupings of app users, often children, engaging in inappropriate behavior at the encouragement of other users."

Rutledge said adults should work to educate themselves on the issue, including speaking with children about the "dangers of posting personal information online and the ways that information can be spread across the world -sometimes into the hands of people who do not have good intentions."

Her office also offers the following tips for people on the issue:

They include:

  • Do not respond to messages that are inappropriate and encourage children to tell an adult if they ever encounter anything or anyone that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Parents should use parental controls or download a monitoring service app to check their child's smartphone or web activity.
  • Telling children to never set up a face-to-face meeting with anyone they meet online.
  • Not putting anything on a social media site that you would not want to see on a front page of a newspaper.
  • Assume that any photos, videos or status updates put on social media is permanent.
  • Create a strong password for each social media site you have to avoid being hacked.

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