Returning the favor--serving our nation's heroes

Returning the favor--serving our nation's heroes
(Source: KAIT)

(KAIT/NBC) - Vietnam Veterans Day is less than one week away.

On March 29, 1973, the last combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam and the last prisoners of war arrived on American soil.

Many veterans leave the battlefield behind only to wage war against disability, joblessness, and depression at home.

Some Iraq war vets in North Dakota are part of a growing support network.

It's not enough that they have to fight for resources to deal with things like post-traumatic stress.

Retired U.S. Army First Sergeant Brad Aune helped expose a scheme by his own lieutenant, Darryl Wright, to scam the government out of thousands of dollars in disability benefits and a purple heart.

"I always tell guys you know, 'Vets, you've got to be your own advocate,'" Aune said.

So, how can you be of service to them?

If you're in a position to do so, hire a vet--they've had the best training on Earth.

Learn how the VA is fighting healthcare benefits fraud by clicking here.

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