Stranded New Orleans Family Hopes for Best

August 29, 2005-- Posted at 5:00 PM CDT

Jonesboro, AR--New Orleans residents looking for a place to temporarily call home have descended on Region 8.  Local hotels say they have seen their rooms slowly fill up as families fleeing Hurricane Katrina stop in.

Keywanaia Binet says she packed up her three boys, grandmother, niece, and nephew and others and headed inland.  Dinet says she had no clue Jonesboro, AR existed before today, but now that she has found sanctuary here she will never forget the town. 


 “We are just very happy to have found a place to stay.” Dinet says.

Dinet represents many of the millions of people displaced by the storm.  She left in a hurry Sunday morning with just the clothes on her back and a little bit of food.  The family doesn’t have much money, and Dinet estimates they will be able to make it two days on what they have. 


She hopes after that they will be allowed to return home.  If not she doesn’t know what they will do.

Dinet added, “This is it.  Right here this is it.  This and this little bit of food is all we have.” 


Dinet and those with her have more worries than just the money and possessions they have with them.  Dinet says she lives four or five blocks from Lake Pontchartrain. 


The New Orleans Lake is where the cities massive water pumps pump water to in order to keep it out of the city which sits below sea level.  News reports put Dinet’s neighborhood under at least ten feet of water.  Dinet maintaining her home and possessions are all probably destroyed.

Dinet hopes to be allowed back into her neighborhood by the middle of this week.  She says right now they do not know what they would do if they were stranded for more than two days.