Woman accused of discarding stillborn twins said she "panicked"

Woman accused of discarding stillborn twins said she "panicked"
Keysheonna Reed (Source: Cross County Sheriff's Office)

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - A woman accused of putting her stillborn twins inside a suitcase and dumping it beside a road told investigators she "panicked."

Keysheonna Reed, 24, of Wynne is charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse.

On Feb. 16, Cross County sheriff's deputies found two deceased babies inside a purple suitcase in a ditch bank along County Road 602. One of the babies, according to the affidavit, was inside an orange duffel bag in the suitcase.

Investigators released photos of the items found with the infants to the media in the hopes someone could identify them.

On March 20, a man told police the duffel bag was his but said he was not involved in the crime.

That same day, detectives interviewed his mother, Asia Williams, who is also Reed's mother.

Williams claimed she had two daughters who lived with her in Wynne but said she was "pretty sure" neither of them had been pregnant.

She identified the bags as belonging to the family but said she threw them away because they were broken.

Detectives then interviewed Reed who said the bags were her mother's but thought "they were thrown away."

"Reed stated she had not been pregnant since her last child and denied having any involvement in the dumping of the babies," the affidavit said.

Detectives asked for a DNA sample and she complied.

Two days later a man contacted the sheriff's office to report that Reed, who is a family member, had come to him crying and saying, "I had a miscarriage, those babies that were found were mine. I had them at home and got scared."

The man told detectives he held Reed and told her she should have gone about things differently and that miscarriages happen.

Reed then went to the sheriff's office that same day "on her own free will," and spoke with a detective after waiving her Miranda rights.

Reed reportedly said on a day before Christmas she awoke around 3 a.m. with "severe stomach pains."

She went into the bathroom and got into the tub where she began to bleed.

"Reed stated she then gave birth to two babies, one of which was a boy," the affidavit said. "Reed stated she held the babies and they both turned blue and never moved."

Reed told the detective she "panicked."

She then went outside and retrieved the suitcase from the trash and put the babies inside of it.

Reed said she got into a car and just drove, and prayed.

She eventually ended up on the county road. When she didn't see anyone, she said she stopped and placed the suitcase containing the babies just off the roadway.

"She then went back home and never told anyone anything about the incident," the affidavit said.

Reed said she did not tell the babies' father that she was pregnant.

On Friday, a judge found probable cause to charge Reed and set her bond at $50,000.

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