Prayer rally shows support for law enforcement

Gavin Rook (left), Ty Koons (Source: KAIT-TV)
Gavin Rook (left), Ty Koons (Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Several officials and community members showed their support of law enforcement through prayer.

A prayer rally was held at the Craighead County Courthouse on Friday.

When Ty Koons heard about the latest officer being shot and killed in Missouri, he wanted to make sure our local officers know the community has their backs.

"For some reason, it just sort of pierced my heart," Koons said. "I just wondered what went through his community and how his police department dealt with all the conflict in our society going on today."

Gavin Rook, a senior at Riverside High School with hopes of becoming an officer one day, spoke at the rally as well.

"It's very important to me because I believe our police officers are there for us every single day," Rook said. "It takes a big man to get up and put on that badge and uniform every morning knowing you might not come back at the end of the day."

Koons, the organizer of the rally and a former police officer, gave Rook a Bible that he used while he was in the force.

Koons said the main purpose was to let surrounding law enforcement know that the community supports them, and they are praying for them.

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