Deputies: Man shot at wife's car as she tried to leave

Deputies: Man shot at wife's car as she tried to leave
Joshua Masters (Source: Greene Co. Sheriff's Office)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Greene County sheriff's deputies arrested a Paragould man after they say he fired several shots at his wife's vehicle as she tried to drive away from him with her two children in her car.

Joshua Masters, 26, is being held on suspicion of aggravated assault and two counts of first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor.

At 1:41 p.m. Saturday, Masters called 911 to report his wife had attacked him during an argument, according to the incident report.

Masters reportedly told the dispatcher he took a pistol from her vehicle and fired a shot into the back of a pickup truck.

While responding to Masters' home on County Road 907, dispatch reported receiving another call from three people who said they witnessed the altercation and followed the victim's vehicle to a local business.

Deputy Matt Ring continued to the home and spoke with Masters who claimed his wife attacked and bit him during an argument.

After pushing her away, Masters reportedly told Ring he took a 9mm handgun from her Ford Taurus "because he believed [his wife] would do something crazy with it."

According to the incident report, Masters claimed he was trying to clear the weapon when a round fired into the ground. He then went and put the gun away inside the residence as his wife drove away.

While Ring was speaking with Masters, according to the report, Deputies Ethan McGinnis and Scott Young made contact with the victim who said she and Masters had been arguing over his having a girlfriend.

When she tried to leave, she claimed Masters came out of the house with a kitchen knife and threatened to stab the tires.

She said Masters threw down the knife then got into her vehicle and got the firearm. He then reportedly shot a round into the ground.

He then fired a round at her vehicle when she started backing out of the driveway, the report said.

"As she was driving away from the property she heard [Masters] fire several more rounds toward her vehicle," the report stated. "Also in the vehicle with [the victim] were her two kids."

The deputies then spoke with the three witnesses who said they were driving by when they saw the altercation.

"All three advised that as [she] was backing out of the driveway, Joshua pointed the gun toward her vehicle and fire the gun twice," the report said.

After searching and finding five spent shells on the driveway, deputies arrested Masters and took him to the Greene County Detention Center to await a probable cause hearing.

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