Sheriff's department works to fix budget issue

CLAY COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Clay County Sheriff's Department is trying to fix a budget issue that has affected current and former employees.

Sheriff Terry Miller said employees weren't able to keep an accurate record of times they were on the clock.

The Department of Labor found the mistake and has been helping the sheriff's department fix the issue.

Now, the department owes a total of around $64,000 to 40 current and former employees.

The sheriff's department is trying to fix the situation using money from their budget and the county budget.

"Thank goodness that I had one account, a commissary account," said Sheriff Miller.

"I was able to take some money out of there in discretionary spending that I can use and relive some of the pain and help the county out with taking care of this little situation that's been going on for years."

Sheriff Miller says his department is making sure they keep better track of all hours worked.

The department is now using their old system in a new way.

The electronic systems in the dispatch area now being used by employees to help them keep track of hours worked.

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