Exercising in bursts may be all you really need

Exercising in bursts may be all you really need
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - It turns out squeezing in your workout when you can throughout the day may be all you really need to stay healthy and live longer.

Lamez Williams has never stepped foot into a gym and has trouble sticking to a diet. But she's managed to lose nearly 40 pounds by making a few small, but important changes.

"We've been talking for decades about trying to be active in short periods of time like taking the stairs or parking further away, and walking to the grocery store," Dr. John and Heather Milton said. "Now we're finally seeing those things make a huge difference."

According to a new study, those short bursts could help her live longer. Duke University researchers analyzed health data of nearly 5,000 people over the age of 40. They found that those who did an hour a day of moderate to vigorous activity cut their risk of death by more than half.

But what most surprising? It didn't matter if the exercise was done in big chunks of time. Just exercising in 5 minute segments over the course of the day had the same benefit.

To know you're doing moderate to vigorous exercise, doctors say you want to feel like your heart rate is increasing, you're breathing heavier, and you can't really have full conversations.

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