Police dept. seeks funds for new technology to solve crimes

Police dept. seeks funds for new technology to solve crimes
(Source: Raycom Media)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KARK) - The Little Rock Police Department will submit a bid to city leaders to spend nearly $170,000 for new technology to help solve gun crimes.

According to KARK, it's part of an on-going effort by the LRPD when they created a Gun Crimes Intelligence Unit.

The unit is funded through a federal public safety grant.

While the unit is partially up and running, according to LRPD, it does not have the software that will be the bread and butter for its contributions to investigations.

"A gun crimes unit does a lot of the technical intelligence surrounding a shooting incident to provide leads to the detectives when the public is unable or unwilling to help us." Captain Ty Terrell said.

Captain Terrell says three new software systems will help the department solve more gun crimes and faster.

The plan includes a visual analysis tool that graphs the connections between people, places, and things involved in crimes.

Another part is a database access system that searches for a suspect across multiple platforms at the same time.

This data can compensate when people refuse to cooperate with police.

A federal grant will also allow police to get gunshot detection sensors.

They plan to install those in the most dangerous neighborhoods.

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