New pen device can detect cancer in seconds

New pen device can detect cancer in seconds
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(KAIT) - Scientists have created a new device which could help advance cancer surgeries and treatments.

Researchers said a new device would be able to detect cancer in 10 seconds. A group of scientists from the University of Texas at Austin recently developed a new pen, called the 'MAS-SPEC' pen, which can detect cancer by touch in just seconds.

The group said the pen can detect cancer of the breast, thyroid, lung, ovaries, and brain with over 95 percent accuracy. That's based on an initial test of more than 250 patient tissue samples.

Stacey Powell, with surgical services, said she sees new technology for cancer all the time. However, she warns people that you should always be cautious of new technologies to ensure safety and consult your physician.

"When something new like that comes out, it needs to be validated that the results that they're finding, and the answers that they're getting are going to be safe for the patient," Powell told WEAU.

Researchers said the device would be much quicker than the current process. Currently, conventional methods for tissue diagnosis are time and labor intensive and can delay decision making during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

The pen is not yet FDA approved. The research group said the next step will be conducting clinical trials with the pen during surgeries.

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