Communion for those who are gluten intolerant

Communion for those who are gluten intolerant

(KAIT/NBC) - For Catholics, the Vatican said there is no such thing as gluten-free communion.

Even though it's common to find gluten-free foods in grocery stores and on restaurant menu's, the Vatican said there's no recognized completely gluten-free host.

Experts say they want to stick as close possible to the original host. According to experts, there are about 100 parts per million in a low gluten host. Most people with Celiacs can tolerate the low gluten hosts, but it's important that they are handled properly.

"I think the US government sets a limit on something they call gluten-free completely is under 20 parts per million. So it's higher but it's still very low, minute, a tiny, tiny amount," Father Anthony Barrett, Director of Prayer and Worship for the Albany County Dioceses told WNYT.

Low gluten hosts can be found for sale in religious goods store, but most parishes have them already.

There could be some newcomers with allergy restrictions around Easter. Barrett said if someone has a gluten allergy they should probably call ahead and introduce themselves to parish officials before mass begins.

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