Deputy shoots dog after being attacked

Deputy shoots dog after being attacked
(Source: KAIT)

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A deputy with the Independence County Sheriff's Department shot and injured a dog Tuesday after he was bitten while trying to serve an arrest warrant.

According to the incident report, Sergeant Brent Everett went to a house on Sherrill Drive in Salado to arrest Lonnie Womack on an active warrant.

While waiting in the yard for Womack to come outside, the deputy heard several people go out the back door.

A few moments later, he said a pit bull came charging around the side of the house toward him. The dog attacked Sgt. Everett, biting his left hand and wrist.

The dog started to charge the officer a second time, so he shot the pit bull in the top of its head.

Womack then came around from the back of the house yelling, "You shot my dog!"

After being told the dog bit the officer, Womack said "he was sorry, he just thought she would run Sergeant Everett off the property," according to the report.

Deputy Chris Tolland wrote in the report that the dog was bleeding profusely but was still alive.

Other people at the house said they were taking the dog to a vet to be treated. The deputy told them to notify the sheriff's office immediately if the dog died.

Deputy Tolland also explained to them that the dog had to be quarantined for 10 days to determine if it had rabies.

Womack was arrested on the active warrant and given a citation, per the vicious dog ordinance of Independence County.

Sgt. Everett was taken to the White River Medical Center to be treated.

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