Law enforcement warns citizens to be careful, avoid becoming victims

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Local law enforcement is asking residents to be on their guard after a series of vehicle break-ins in the area.

Captain Justin Rolland with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department said they're occurring throughout Craighead County.

"In the last several days and weeks," Rolland said. "We've seen an increase in vehicle break-ins. We've seen that mainly in the area of north Craighead County from Bono to Brookland. I think the city of Bono and the city of Brookland Police Departments are dealing with the exact same thing."

So far, a total of four guns and many electronics were stolen from numerous vehicles, each left with shattered windows.

Rolland said they want to make the public aware of these incidents and try to help prevent them from becoming victims themselves.

"So, what we'd like to advise the public," Rolland said. "There are some things you can do that will deter maybe some of these thefts and make their vehicles less accessible. So, what we'd like to tell people is mainly is if you have valuables in your vehicles bring them in the house. There's going to be sometimes and some instances where that's not possible. But make sure your vehicles are locked. If you must leave valuables in your vehicles for whatever reason then we say at least try to obscure those items as far as place them underneath the seat or in the consoles and things like that."

Rolland said there's a good reason these are the suggestions they're making.

"We've viewed some video footage," Rolland said. "From some surveillance cameras and what we've learned in these particular incidences, what these suspects are doing. They'll walk up to a vehicle real late at night, which is most likely the case, and they'll approach these vehicles with a flashlight. They'll look in and if they don't see anything that stands out to them immediately then they'll walk away. And so, we've noticed that and verified that in watching some of these home security cameras. And so, what we'd like to say again is make sure you lock your vehicles. Bring your guns, phones and iPads and computers and things, purses, wallets. . .bring all that stuff into the house if you can. And I think the more we spread that word to people and they're more mindful of it when they get out of the vehicle at night or when they come home from work, they will be more apt to do that."

Rolland said they have developed some leads.

The Bono and Brookland police departments, as well as the Craighead County Sheriff Department investigators, are working on these cases.

If you have any information about this case, contact your local law enforcement agency or the Craighead County Sheriff's Department.

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