Payment apps gaining popularity with scammers

Payment apps gaining popularity with scammers
(Source: NBC)

Many Americans are using their phones to send and receive money...but payment apps are also getting more and more popular with scammers.

With a few taps, apps like Venmo and Cash app can make it easy to split the bill at dinner or pay back an I.O.U.

More than 60% of adults now use some sort of "Peer-to-Peer" payment app, including Tom Bartholomy of the Better Business Bureau.

P2P apps allow users to send money using an email or phone number. It's secure but that doesn't mean it's immune to scammers.

Bartholomy says the most common complaints are from people using the apps to buy and sell items from websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

"When you start to use this app and payment method with people you don't know, you're opening up a whole other avenue that this wasn't designed for," Bartholomy said.

Payment apps don't offer fraud or purchase protection so treat each app transaction like you're handing over cash.

As with any apps or sites involving your financial information, enable 2-step authentication when possible and don't use an unsecured wi-fi network.

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