School adds new security system to gym

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HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) - The Highland School District has added a new layer of security to a building that the public often uses.

The A.L. Hutson Memorial Center is used by Highland students throughout the day, but the indoor walking track is also open for citizens to use between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays.

"As we looked as a district at some areas that we could just improve some of the safety procedures we are taking, we [decided to] install a key card system," Facilities and Transportation Director John Sinclair said.

That system requires a magnetic key card that is distributed by the school.

This means the doors are locked to anyone who does not have a key card, which is linked to their name.

The system can then keep track of every person who comes into the gym.

"It does keep track of what time they came in, what date they came in," Sinclair said. "It helps protect them, it helps protect our students that are in here throughout the day."

School staff issued several key cards over two days last week, but if a citizen still needs one they are being issued at the sports services office.

Guest passes can also be checked out for out-of-town visitors.

If there is an issue during the time that a person is in the gym, their key card can be deactivated until the problem is resolved.

Sinclair said the lock system costs about $750 per door.

The school is considering adding the same system to a gym at the middle school that is used for Pee Wee sports.

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