Small shops adjusting to internet retail craze

Small shops adjusting to internet retail craze
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(KAIT/NBC) - The world of retail is going through an upheaval of sorts, as online stores dominate the market.

Americans spent $453.5 billion online in 2017, a 16 percent jump from the previous year.

Despite this chaos, small mom-and-pop shops have found a way to thrive in changing times.

Don Foster had no idea how big his store Recycled Books would become. It's been a staple for 35 years. He sells many things big box retailers have abandoned, like records and CDs.

"It can be, it can get tight sometimes," says Foster. "We do a lot of online sales, which has been a savior to us."

Foster says small businesses can stand up to online competition because a lot of people still just like to shop the old-fashioned way.

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