Counties join forces to promote economic development

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SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Three counties are joining forces to try and bring more industry to their area.

Sharp, Fulton, and Izard Counties are working to form the Tri-County Economic Development Commission.

Sharp County Judge Gene Moore said there has been an economic development commission with five board members in Sharp County since 2016, but the board members suggested they might be able to do more if they teamed up with other nearby counties.

Tuesday, Moore had a third meeting with the Izard and Fulton county judges, Eric Smith and Darrell Zimmer, to discuss their goals.

"We went and listened to what the Arkansas Economic Development Commission has to offer," Moore said. "And this time we went over to Izard County and Judge Eric Smith had an economic development leader from Independence County, Crystal Johnson, to tell us how she accomplished what she has done there so far."

Moore said the three counties are already very intermingled, so it only makes sense to combine their resources to try and attract new businesses.

"What benefits Sharp County will benefit Fulton and the same way with Izard, you know," Moore said. "Because we've got housing available in Cherokee and Horseshoe Bend and we've got recreation with our rivers and our lakes. So we've got a lot of good things and our workforce if we combined all three counties."

Right now, the plan is to have three commissioners from each county, but Moore said they are still in the planning stages.

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