City officials work together to get town's first storm shelter

City officials work together to get town's first storm shelter
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(Source: KAIT)
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BONO, AR (KAIT) - Bono city officials are working to get the town its first community-wide storm shelter.

"The only thing we have here are individual storm shelters as people's homes, and we feel like there are enough people living in apartments and senior citizens living in senior citizen apartments that this will be good for our city," Bono Mayor Danny Shaw said on Tuesday.

Bono residents have expressed their interests in wanting a city-wide storm shelter, too.

Shaw and council member Garrett Barnes have partnered to get a storm-shelter committee together.

"He and I make a great team," Barnes said of Shaw. "We both share the same goals for Bono. We want to make it the safest possible town for our citizens."

Barnes has worked diligently to get funding for the top-priority project.

"We toured the city of Dyersburg, Tennessee's storm shelter on March 21st," Barnes said. "We both agreed that we need a multi-purpose storm shelter and we have to have a design that corrects the acoustic problem in storm shelter designs."

Barnes said he never wants residents to feel in fear when severe weather strikes the Craighead County town.

"Hearing the tornado sirens go off is a scary feeling," he said. "When all you have for shelter is your bathtub or hallway, you feel vulnerable. No one should ever feel like they are not protected, or they are not safe."

City officials plan to have a storm shelter to serve as a dual-purpose.

"We want to provide citizens safe haven while also serving a dual purpose such as a basketball court, community room," Barnes said.

"I feel like if we were to have a weather event here that took lives, we would forever feel guilty that we didn't do more to protect our citizens," Shaw said. "Even if it saves one life, it'll be worth the cost of it."

The city is looking to install at least one shelter, but possibly two in various locations.

Anyone who is a resident of Bono or a faculty member at Westside Consolidated School District and is interested in serving on the Community Storm Shelter Committee can contact Garrett Barnes at

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