Park gets wheelchair accessible swing

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Stewart Park in Walnut Ridge now has a new swing making the park more accessible to individuals with a handicap.

Thanks to a grant from Tractor Supply, a handicap accessible swing was added to the park.

The swing cost $7,000 and is made especially for individuals in wheelchairs.

Mayor Charles Snapp said he is thrilled to have the new swing equipment in the park.

"It's great to see this it really brings us together as a community, but it also shows how the growth that we're experiencing as a community," he said.

"These businesses come in and they invest to build a building, but they want to give back to the people that trade with them."

Snapp said because of the cost, this equipment is something the city would never have been able to purchase alone.

"We're lucky to have companies like that in town that improve the quality of life," he said.

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