Group collects prom dresses for students in need

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Growth in the Pocahontas community means growth for a project led by Pocahontas High School students.

The students started the clothing closet in 2017.

Now, they have decided the closet will feature special clothing for certain times of the year.

Recently they collected many coats for students in need and now they are collecting prom attire.

The students collected more than 30 prom dresses that any student can come anonymously pick up.

"It's really important for all students to have access to really anything that they need," said sophomore student Madigan Chester.

"It probably helps their confidence too so, they can go and do things that they might not get to do otherwise with their friends," said sophomore Anna Weisenbach.

Not only does the clothing closet have prom dresses students can also find shoes and even makeup and hygiene products there.

The students are also working on a website to help them keep up with the closet's inventory.

They hope the website will help make sure students know what's in the closet at any given time.

"We're going to catalog everything," said Weisenbach. "People if they don't want to come down here they can look and see a picture."

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