Child with Autism mourns death of White Co. deputy

Child with Autism mourns death of White Co. deputy
White County deputy Lynn Smith (Source: KARK-TV)

WHITE COUNTY, AR (KAIT/KARK) - A seven-year-old boy with autism said Thursday that he looks up to law enforcement and that White County Deputy Lynn Smith was his best friend in the world.

Smith recently died after complications from surgery and the youngster named Keegan has taken the death of his friend as good as he can.

"He said, 'that's okay because Officer Smith is in heaven now. I have a cop watching down on me from Heaven," Jennifer Morgan said of Keegan's friendship with Smith.

According to Little Rock television station KARK, Smith served as a school resource officer at the Riverview School District and was thought of well by people at the school.

Kensett Police Lt. Dillion Chandler began work this week as a new school resource officer at the school. Keegan was in the car line at the school and was acting up, Morgan said.

Chandler said he went over to meet Keegan but did not know about the bond that Keegan had with Smith, KARK reported.

"He saw the police and I guess it was a good time to be a police officer to help somebody out," Chandler said.

Morgan said the meeting was special.

"It was a small moment like that that made Keegan's day and it took away all his pain and his hurt for a second," Morgan said.

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