Group gains treasured elementary photos from 1930's

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LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - The Lake City Museum Committee is working to complete a treasured project.

A community member donated original school pictures of Bowman Elementary kids from the late 1920's or the early 1930's.

Bowman sits three miles outside Lake City and the school hasn't existed for many years.

However, the committee wants to bring back those memories, but they need help from residents.

"What a treasure we have here," Brenda Hutcheson, a committee member said. "A lot of the names are written by some of the school photos, and we were excited to find a former teacher when she was about 10 years old."

The group is working on a photo collage with memories that relatives can latch onto.

Many photos came with names, while others didn't.

"We would like to have more information because we would like to make the collage and display it in our museum," Hutcheson said. "We are looking for relatives or people who could help us assign names so that we will know who these people are."

Hutcheson said they are also looking for the person who could add the vital piece to their project.

"This is a picture of what we think is the school, but it's not a good quality photo and it doesn't show the entire building," she said. "We would like to find a good quality photo of the school building just to put it with these photos."

Once the collage is completed, it will be placed in the Lake City Museum, 300 Cobean Boulevard.

Anyone who may have a relative in one of the photos or has a picture of the Bowman School can stop by the museum on Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. or call Hutcheson at 870-530-1426.

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