Gabe Kotter Is Most Memorable TV Teacher

August 31, 2005-- Posted at 2:45 PM CDT

NEW YORK (AP)_ If your teacher were Gabe Kotter, you'd welcome the start of the school year.

Inside TV magazine says Gabe Kotter on "Welcome Back, Kotter" is the most memorable teacher on TV.

Then, there's Edna Krabappel. She's the teacher on "The Simpsons" who punishes Bart by making him write stuff on the blackboard like "I will not charge admission to the bathroom" and "I will not hide the teacher's Prozac."

Other memorable teachers on TV according to Inside TV magazine are Laura Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie," Ross Geller on "Friends," Charlie Moore on "Head of the Class," Mark Cooper on "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper," Fonzie on "Happy Days," Carol Vessey on "Ed," Lydia Grant on "Fame" and Max Medina on "Gilmore Girls."

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