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Group visiting Jonesboro working to build new ministry

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The Nailbenders for Jesus, a ministry, is in Jonesboro helping to build a new ministry.

In His Wings Ministry help plans to help women struggling with addiction to get back on their feet and reunite with their children.

Nailbenders for Jesus is with the Arkansas Baptist Convention.

The men, all over the age of 70, travel across the state and help build churches and ministry buildings for free.

“I knew I wanted to do this when I retired but I totally could not estimate or anticipate the blessing it was going to be in my own life,” Charlie Zimmerman, Nailbenders for Jesus member, said. “I’ve been so much more blessed than in blessing we could bring in meeting people and hearing their testimonies and just experiencing life with them.”

The group tries to complete seven jobs a year.

Each one usually lasts about two weeks, during which time they frame the building and hang sheetrock.

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