Group of seniors ask special needs teen to prom

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: Quilla Shanice Fulton)
(Source: Quilla Shanice Fulton)

MARKED TREE (KAIT) - A group of Marked Tree High School seniors left teachers in awe after they asked a special needs student to the prom.

"We thought it would be spectacular if she would go with us," senior Hunter Criswell said of student Nicole Hawkins.

Nicole is a special needs student and a sweet friend to her classmates.

"She's one of us, and she wasn't going to go to prom and we wanted her to be a part of that night," classmate Tuniya Lott said. "Even though there are some challenges she may or may not be able to conquer, this is one that she can, she can go to prom and hang out with her classmates."

The group of seniors surprised her Tuesday in class with a big sign that read "Prom?"

As the teens anxiously waited, Nicole gave them a thumb up.

On Wednesday, they surprised her with a dress that a community member donated.

"I love this. It has pretty sparkles on it and I'm going to dance in it at prom," Nicole said of her dress.

"It's nice to see a group of kids, you know, treat her as one of their friends and letting her know she is a part of their group," Nicole's teacher, Samantha Drewett, said.

Drewett said the kindness is like a breath of fresh air.

"These group of kids came together to do something for someone you know, they didn't have to do," she said.

Marked Tree High School's prom is April 21.

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