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Club offers free eye screenings to community

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Community members were offered free eye screenings Saturday morning thanks to the Arkansas State University Pre-Optometry Club.

This is the second year for the students to hold the event at Arkansas Eye Site in Jonesboro.

The goal is to allow anyone who doesn’t have insurance, can’t afford to go, or just hasn’t been able to see an optometrist lately to get in front of a doctor.

“They see a doctor and they screen for glaucoma, diabetes in the eyes, any other macular problems, retina problems,” club member Paige Willett said. “And the doctor can kind of let them know like, ‘hey you need to come back, your pressures were high today so we need to do more testing for glaucoma,’ or anything like that.”

It also helps the students get hands-on experience performing several of the tests and working with patients.

“We start by taking their blood pressure because high blood pressure can have an effect on your eyes,” Willett said. “Then they get an autorefractor which reads basically a glasses prescription that the doctor will tweak from there and we check their inner ocular pressure, which is an important test for glaucoma and other eye problems and then they have their vision tested.”

Prescriptions cannot be given for glasses at the event, but the doctor lets patients know if follow up testing or appointments are recommended.

“We just want people to understand the importance of yearly eye exams so we want to use this as a teaching tool so that people will be more likely to go to an eye doctor yearly,” Willett said.  

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