Selfies encourage surgery build up

Selfies encourage surgery build up
(Source: Raycom Media)

(KAIT/NBC) - Plastic surgeons say selfies may be causing an increase in business.

Selfies have become the easiest way to take a picture in this day and time, but plastic surgeons say they might be causing a surge for plastic surgery or Botox injections across the country.

"I think smartphone technology with selfie mode on their cameras can make people a little too obsessed with their appearance," said Dr. Jay Lucas, a Knoxville plastic surgeon.

A recent report by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery showed that a "selfie" can give a misleading look to your nose and make it look 30% bigger.

"These filters where people can morph themselves online and have an image of themselves they think could be created may or may not be a very good thing to do for people," Lucas said.

Lucas also said the right way to judge your features would be with a mirror, in regular light, or with a 3-D imaging system.

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