Tis the season for scammers: tax season

Tis the season for scammers: tax season
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(KAIT) - A strike by a scammer during tax season could leave you on the hook for a large amount of cash, but experts say there are ways to see through the smoke and mirrors.

The return of tax seasons means thieves could try and file a fraudulent return with your information. Then they call saying it's on behalf of the IRS to reclaim the refund.

Experts say a lot of people are falling for this scam because people believe it was just a mistake. However, when the government spots the fraud the person, not the thief, is the one footing the bill.

Know the IRS will never demand immediate payment, threaten to call police or immigration, or ask for unusual payments. Unusual payments could be methods like gift cards or wire transfers. The IRS will not initially contact you through email, text, social media, or the phone.

"The IRS is not calling you. So if you think, maybe there is something behind this story that possibly is legitimate, all you need to do is hang up the phone and look up the IRS phone number and call them directly. And they will be able to confirm your specific information," said Rebecca Walser, tax attorney.

According to the IRS, thousands of people have been scammed out of millions of dollars.

To learn more about tax scams, go to IRS.gov and type in "scam" in the search field.

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