Local EMTs Heading For The Coast

Posted at 10:00 AM, September 1, 2005

Jonesboro-- It won't be pretty.

"They've told us to expect the worst." says Ryan Kibler of Medic One. A team of eight from Jonesboro-based Medic One Ambulance Service is heading into the fray. They are heading for New Orleans.

The state of Louisiana called them asking for help. Their job? Transporting those who need it the most from a hospital in New Orleans to a hospital 80 miles away in Baton Rouge.

For a crew of eight, they are traveling light. Only the bare necessities. Ryan says, "We're taking our own supplies;  food, water where we can maintain our health through the trip." After all , you can't save others when you're in danger yourself.

Medic one got the call from a fellow paramedic. A Caraway native now living in New Orleans. Corey Couch.

"I know the people that work there. I worked with them when I worked in Jonesboro as a paramedic. I knew if I called them they'd be here and they're on their way."

So the crew of eight on the way will be nine once they get there. Corey will now be able to back in to his new home town and help.