Secure your summer getaway plans with travel insurance

Secure your summer getaway plans with travel insurance
(Source: Raycom Media)

(KAIT/NBC) - Many of us are planning our summer vacations, but what about unexpected issues? Peace of mind may have a price.

Thirty-six percent of travelers who have to change their plans have insurance.

Insurance typically covers canceled flights, lost bags, cancellations due to illness or bad weather. It often costs four to eight percent of your total trip.

So if your vacation costs $5,000, travel insurance could run $200-400. However, many policies don't cover medical evacuations.

Mark Ellwood with Conde Nast says read the fine print.

"I'd always recommend buying it separately because you want to have an advocate working on your behalf if there is a problem with the cruise or flight provider," Ellwood said.

So how can you shop around? Your age, political events, and natural disasters may complicate things.

Search online for travel sites that compile quotes from many companies.

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