Energy companies, city hold public meeting regarding high energy bills

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - With several rounds of cold weather came high energy bills for one Mississippi County city.

Osceola Mayor Dickie Kennemore conducted a meeting Thursday allowing several energy companies across the state to speak to the public concerning rates.

According to Mayor Kennemore, the city conducted a study, and Osceola currently has the third lowest rates in most of the state, so rates aren't the problem behind the bills.

Kennemore said the city has several older homes that aren't energy efficient and can't handle severe cold or heat.

"Osceola is an old town it's got a lot of old houses and they're just not energy efficient and it's also a lot of the way people use the house and things they can do to reduce their energy consumption," Kennemore said.

The companies presented several programs available to help low-income families make their house more efficient.

Kennemore said anyone who wants to sign up for the programs can do so to be considered for future funding.

"Hopefully we'll bring the consumption down and when we do the electrical rates go down, now this kind of weather, it's not an issue but December and January when it's really cold or July and August when it's really hot that when it gets to be an issue," Kennemore said.

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